Most people when they think of tarot cards think of the velvet-clad woman at the carnival with her crystal ball, pulling cards and predicting your future. This is not at all how I use the tarot. For me the cards are a tool for self reflection.

Tarot and storytelling are intricately linked. Each tarot card contains a piece of the story of the human experience. I come to the cards with my own story and in reflecting on the stories in the cards I am able to look at my own from a slightly different perspective.

Tarot is the practice of curious thinking. Every time you shuffle and pull a card you are trying to insert yourself and your story in to the card. Every time you are asking how does this card relate my experience.

Tarot cards do not predict, they invite. Each card you pull is an invitation to explore a little more of who you are.

With that in mind, I don’t offer tarot readings. Instead my favourite thing to do is create a space where you can learn to read the cards yourself. I have a separate instagram account @aucklandtarot where I share how I read the cards and also have different weekly activities to help you grow your own confidence with tarot reading. I am not by any means an expert but I do love tarot as a tool and I want to share that with others.

A couple of other things I will be creating this year:

  • I will be creating a zine called softening into tarot which will contain a bit of information on tarot as a practice and a lot of tips and tricks to help with reading the cards.

  • I will be hosting workshops in my hometown Auckland (New Zealand). These will be for anyone who is new to tarot, whether you have a deck or not. They will contain information on how to read the cards and tips to reduce the overwhelm that can sometimes come with the beginning of a tarot journey.